We facilitate meetings and strategic planning sessions to develop and execute a vision, mission and operational action plans that drive decision-making in your organization. We support the stages of driving critical change-management meetings through effective meeting design, issue analysis, consensus building, policy development, action plans and team building.

We want your organization to function at its best; we want your employees to be empowered and motivated so that every layer of your business operates efficiently and effectively. The Primebridge Consulting team knows that professional facilitation is a powerful tool to help you make better choices, resulting in higher levels of commitment within your organization.

We promote productive communication, engagement and team building through guiding principles for the design and facilitation of group dialogue events, including:

  1. The "experts" are in the room. Working with a “community” of people who share common interests. They have the knowledge, interest and ability to help create their desired future.
  2. Valuing engagement. When people have information and are motivated to collaborate with others, they become inspired to take responsibility for change and improvement.
  3. Structuring for good conversation. Ensuring that meaningful conversation takes place, and giving all participants a chance to voice their opinions through the use of small groups and large group interaction principles is a critical ingredient of this design.
  4. Planning turning points. - From the “Me” to the “We”. Sharing information and team building to enable participants to see the whole and not just the parts.
  5. Building in opportunity for the "if”. Reframing discussions by asking participants to envision a practical, ideal future. Together, they recognize the distance between where they are now and the future, creating a tension that can produce positive action and commitment.
  6. Allowing opportunities for efficacy and commitment. In designing the facilitation process, we always ask ourselves: “Have we built opportunity in this design so that people can feel effectual and make a difference, both individually and collaboratively?”