Josée Blaquière, Montreal

With over 30 years of experience as an internal/external organizational development consultant, trainer and executive coach, Josée has worked with management in diverse milieus from the shop floor to executive board rooms. Known for her great capacity to create an environment of trust, executive presence and ability to listen, Josée excels at simplifying complex concepts and processes, and most importantly, has the capacity to coach leaders through a process that results in a meaningful bottom line and breakthrough results.

Josée has supervised a human resources management team in a unionized, manufacturing environment with her responsibilities reaching into operations, sales, marketing and finance. She was also a member of the faculty of management at Sherbrooke University in Québec.

As an executive coach and organizational development consultant, Josée works with leaders to support the integration of newly required competencies, behaviors and beliefs. Through executive and team development, coaching and training, she supports organizational leaders in the implementation of continuous and complex changes required in their unique business environments.

Josée received her Master of Science in Organization Development from American University in Washington DC and a Bachelor in Social Sciences from the Université de Montréal. She has augmented her education with several coaching and assessment certificate programs from Corporate Coach U, The Centre for Creative Leadership and the Barrett Values Centre.